Do you hear that?

That constant tick’n of the clock as you sit on the sidelines of your life waiting for things to get better, for things to come your way, for more time, more money, more something.

Stop being a spectator to your own life!

Get out and LIVE!

We are all allotted a limited amount of time regardless of our income, social status, or pronoun, so quit wasting your most precious resource!
Clock’s Tick’n ; Start Liv’n
What do you want to look back on when your clock ticks its final time?

What  We’re  About

I spent years trudging along in a difficult and unfulfilling career. A career chosen based on a belief that it would be a means to the ultimate goal of financial security and comfortable retirement.  After a few decades pursuing this path and doing everything I was told would lead me to this “American Dream” I came to the realization it was all a cruel deception. I decided to stop listening to the clock of my life tick away while I waited on the sidelines.

We sold our house in the city, moved to a smaller, more laid-back place, and started participating in life! I always wanted to Scuba dive, so I started diving; I love being outdoors, so I started hiking and traveling in a motorhome. As I reconnected with my life, a childhood dream returned, I wanted to be a racecar driver, so I got my SCCA & NASA racing license and started racing Spec Miata. After a couple of seasons, I have now transitioned into open-wheel racing in the SCCA FX class, piloting a Formula Mazda.

This is my story. Follow along as I learn how to get off the bench and into the game of life!

SCCA Major win at Houston


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My current passions

SCCA racing

It was a childhood dream of mine to become a racecar driver. Once I began reconnecting with my true self, the desire to race again ignited in my soul, and I decided to see if I had what it takes to race competitively.  I initially decided on Spec Miata because they have the country’s largest and most competitive series.  I purchased an SM and obtained my SCCA & NASA competition licenses.  After 2 seasons in the SM, it was clear to me that the banging NASCAR-type fields of the mid-pack SM world were not where my passion lay.  I moved into open-wheel racing.  On Labor day weekend, I won my first SCCA Major @ MSR Houston and finished the weekend with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd  for the three races.


scuba diving

As a child, I remember spending hours in front of the TV watching Jacques Cousteau, exploring the ocean’s mysteries. I was enthralled by the incredible and seemingly otherworldly creatures.  It is a love I carried my entire life that I tried to assuage with aquariums, initially freshwater and later saltwater, but they never really satisfied my need for the deep. I took my initial introductory dive and received my Padi Open Water certification in 2015.  I have dove cenotes, wrecks, bull sharks, and night dives, and love them all.  I now have my Advanced Open Water with over 100 dives under my belt, and am looking forward to many more underwater adventures that I will be posting here.  My latest passion is spearfishing, wreck dives, and overhead/Cenote dives.



Travel,Hiking & Fitness

The love of travel is something I think is rooted in the fact that, as a child, I never left Texas. It wasn’t until I was a young adult and started my first job that I finally stretched beyond the enormous boundaries of our great state and headed to Chicago. I have since been to 46 states and 4 countries.  I love the Caribbean and travel there often to experience its beauty and culture, I can’t seem to get enough, even though my Texas roots always bring me back home. 

Follow my travels and search for natural beauty here.